Tools & Supplies

Find the perfect tool for the job from our large selection of warrantied tools.

With a robust inventory of high-quality top brand tools & supplies, the local experts at Village Supply can help you find the right tool for any job— and you can rest easy knowing they will last for years.

With over 30 years in the business, the experts at Village Supply can answer all of your questions and help you find the perfect power tool for the job. As a factory-authorized repair shop for top brands, including including DeWalt, Bosch, Metabo and Makita, we also offer reliable repairs on tools that you already own. Stop by our store in LaPorte or call us at 219-324-7363 to learn more about the power tools we have in stock and to learn how you can have your tools and supplies delivered to your business or work site FREE of charge.

Electrical Supplies


   Cable Tray
   Cord Ends
   Extension Cords
   Portable Lighting
   Pulling Line & Lube
   Strut & Accessories
   Wire Ties
Masonry Supplies


   Abrasive Blades
   Concrete Sealers
   Core Bits
   Diamond Blades


   Plastic Cap
Hand Tools


   Allen Wrenches
   Channel Locks
   Chisels & Punches
   Shovels & Rakes
   Snips & Shears
   Tape Rulers & Levels
   Torque Wrenches
   Utility Knives
   Vice Grips
Cutting Tools


   Air Tools
   Band Saw Blades
   Carbide Burs
   Drill Bits
   End Mills
   Flap Wheels
   Grinding Wheels
   Hacksaw Blades
   Taps & Dies
   Track Bits

Tools & Supplies

You can have your tools delivered to your business FREE of charge.
Call us to learn more about the tools, supplies & services we offer! 219-324-7363