Fasteners play a vital role in construction, manufacturing & fabrication. Get the top-brand fasteners you need at Village Supply.

From hanging things at home to tackling complicated construction or fabrication jobs, we carry a wide selection of hardware fasteners. Knowing which fastener to use will help your project run smoothly and get the job done—ask our experts!

Our staff of knowledgeable professionals can answer your questions about fasteners, safety equipment and all of the tools you need for any project. We're also a factory-authorized repair shop for top brands— offering reliable repairs on tools new to the box and ones you already own. Visit the store or call us at 219-324-7363 to learn more about the power tools, supplies and equipment we supply and how you can have it all delivered to your business or job site FREE of charge.


>   Anchors
>   Brass
>   Drop-ins
>   Drywall Screws
>   Eye Bolts
>   Flat Washers
>   Hex Cap Screws
    (grades 2, 5, 8 and metric)
>   Hex Nuts
>   Jigsaws
>   Lock Washers
>   Nylon & Aluminum
>   Pins & Loads
>   Pop Rivets
>   Portabands
>   Roto-Zip
>   Round Head Machine Screws
>   Self-Drilling Screws
>   Sleeves
>   Socket Head Cap Screws
>   Stainless Steel
>   Tapcons
>   Tek Screws
>   Threaded Rods
>   Toggle Bolts
>   U-Bolts
>   Wedge-Bolts
>   Zamac Nail-ins
>   Zip-Ins


You can have your fasteners delivered to your business FREE of charge.
Call us to learn more about the tools, supplies & services we offer! 219-324-7363